Refer-A-Friend Is Back

Our Refer A Friend program allows you, our customers, to help us grow our business. You may not realize it, but you are a walking, talking testimonial of what we have to offer, and when you feel good, we feel good. You are our most valuable advertising! The best way you can help us is to refer us to your friends! What our Refer A Friend program does is reward you for your effort by offering you product and service discounts each time your referrals help us. Simply put, you help us advertise, and we pay you with money saving discounts.

In the salon industry, it is vitally important that we provide you with the absolute best products and services available. There is no greater joy for us to hear a client say to us, now much people liked what we had done for them. These people are our potential customers! What we ask of you is to share us with them in one of three ways. First, you could have them visit our website and sign up for our newsletter, entering your name as referred by on the signup page. Second, give them a one of our business cards with your name scribbled on it somewhere and have them present it to us when they arrive for their appointment. Or third, just simply have them be sure and tell us that you referred them when they schedule their appointment.

There are certain rules that apply, such as this is limited to only new customers only. The discounts may be redeemed one per visit and may not be grouped. The discounts may not be shared and are only valid for the person they were issued to. For a complete list of program rules, please stop by the front desk on your next visit.