ICON_Light Tiny_56x60px The History of All About You-Salon

It’s Origin

All About You-Salon is a Christian based company that was officially started in 2009 by Felicia Rogerson, it’s founding owner. The key principle and belief is that everyone was created by God, and that we are all equal in His eyes. The salon originated as a home base of operation to support a service in which Felicia was taking her skills to people in need of assistance- elderly, disabled, and people who for whatever reason found themselves facing severe hardship.

It’s Name

As the search for an official business name began, many names were considered but the final name that was chosen, All About You-Salon, served as a dual meaning name. First and foremost, being Christian based, and believing that our creator God has given us all things, we should be reminded that it’s all about him and not us. The second, is that it’s the reminder that we are to be servants to others, that we should be all about them- serving their needs. As for the ‘Salon’ part, that was added to tell people what we do. The name was chosen, and as people began to say the name, it became evident that this should be the name of the salon.

First Location

The first site of All About You-Salon was located on 16 North Court Street in historic Westminster, Maryland. The building was one of the original buildings of historic district, and was built around the early 1800’s. This site was adequate for conducting operation for about three years, when the numbers of customers outgrew the size of the building and parking areas.

Our New Home

We were led to our current site located at 842 Littlestown Pike in Westminster, Maryland, and on November 1st, 2014 we celebrated or ‘Grand Opening’ at our new location. Since then, the new location has proven to be much better for us with regard to visibility to the public, parking, and the versatility of the location itself.

The Big News of 2016

At the beginning of 2016, we were excited and please to announce that All About You-Salon had taken a new step forward, and was now jointly owned by Felicia Rogerson and Wendi Saltsman. Wendi was a part of the All About You-Salon team since 2014, and during that time she had assumed several of the managing roles assisting with several key purchasing decision. Wendi and Felicia have both continue their roles as cosmetologists, but day to day management duties are handled and shared by both. Wendi had been a valued asset to the salon, which made this merger of ownership much more exciting for us. Wendi and Felicia have very similar ideas with how success should be achieved, but each continues to offer a very personal perspective on how they approach the overall objective of success.